He turned his favorite sport into his profession and these days he is at Navarino Dunes training as an Assistant PGA Professional. Adam Kritikos regards the investments in golf as the solution to the financial issues of our country.

When did you decide to get involved in golf?

I started playing golf when I was twelve years old, when my friends and I decided to try it out, since we were hanging around near the course.

Does the Corfu Golf Club satisfy the necessary prerequisites for a young golfer trying to get professionally involved in golf?

The Corfu Golf Club is able to enchant you with its landscape. While, in the meantime, it is an intriguing course, since sixteen out of eighteen holes are among rivers or ponds. It has improved very much lately, in order to offer a more enjoyable experience to golfers.

At what point in your life and why did you decide to study your sport?

The truth is that studying golf was not something I was thinking to do, since I had in mind the financial cost. It was my parents’ idea, who supported me financially with my studies. The decision was made when I was starting the last class of high school.

What exactly does the curriculum of the studies you followed consist of?

In England, I pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Golf Management at the UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire). The subject of my studies was golf enterprises management, as well as the evolution of golf in modern society. Moreover, I specialized in golf coaching, golf club custom fitting and golf finance. While I was there, I had the chance to play in many tournaments, representing my university in several student events.

Would you advice young people to get involved professionally in golf?

Definitely, it is a sport that is constantly evolving in Greece and I believe it offers great professional training and also opportunities for athletic distinctions.

Based on your international experience, do you consider that the requirements may be gradually satisfied for the development of golf in Greece? 

It may seem difficult sometimes, but I believe Costa Navarino has proved that the possibility for investments in golf in Greece does exist and they can also prove to be really successful.του?

The success of a golf manager is based on his/her academic training or his/her instinct?

It is a combination of both. Nowadays, academic knowledge is necessary in the modern environment, however you need experience in order to acquire proper results from the works. 

ΣυνδυδδWhen did you become a professional?

Now, instantly, through my subscription to the training programme of the British PGA.

How can an amateur player become a professional golfer in Greece?

He/she may attend the three-year training programme by the British PGA, or any other local PGA. Alternatively, he/she could attend the Tour Professional and compete professionally in tournaments.

Do you believe that the way the Greek PGA operates gives its members the opportunity to be competitive in international tournaments?

There have been great improvements in the Greek PGA’s training curriculum, for example the Aegean Mini Tour, which offers tournaments that attract Greeks, but also foreign professional players. Its influence is definitely positive, which became evident by Greece’s great performance in the World Championship Qualifiers.

Which are the reasons you would advise a child to choose golf instead of a more popular sport in our country?

Because it is fun and it also provides very good professional training, abroad as well as in Greece in the future.

Which are your responsibilities in The Dunes Course at Costa Navarino?

In Navarino Dunes I am training as an assistant PGA professional. Navarino Dunes is the ideal place to follow the schedule, since it has excellent facilities and work environment.

What do you think of it?

I am very positive. Everything is very positive and everyone is working to achieve the maximum outcome.

In your opinion, how much may the creation of the two new courses at Costa Navarino change the perspective of golf in Greece?

Costa Navarino will have immense influence on golf in Greece, since it will be the first Greek golf destination giving the players the chance to play in two courses of great proximity between them. In modern golf tourism, it is much easier to attract tourists with two courses, so in Costa Navarino tourists will have the chance to play in more than one course in one single visit.

What do you think of Navarino Bay?

I haven’t played on it yet, but from what I have seen, it is a very beautiful course.

Which are the differences from The Dunes?

There are many differences. But in order to discover them, I suggest you have to play on it.

During these times of financial crisis, don’t you think it as a luxury for the Greek state to turn its interest on the development of golf?

I believe that with the proper investments golf may prove to be the solution to our financial issues. Tourism, nowadays, depends on investing in golf, as it is evident in countries like Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, etc. We must reinstate the tourists’ interest in Greece, especially since we are capable of creating beautiful destinations like Costa Navarino.

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