Bentley Continental GT: The ultimate expression of luxury


It is as fast as a super sports car, as elegant as a luxurious yacht and its cost is similar to a private villa. It’s not one of these cars you gaze at in a showroom, but it’s a work of art; you want to let your fingers run along its lines, sensing the engineers own feelings as he was crafting it.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A FLAW, you won’t find any! There is no human or electronic eye more experienced than the eyes of Crewe’s technical department, who for nighty years now have been examining meticulously Bentleys’ surfaces in order to detect the quality of the materials, the assembly and the aesthetic quality, and find any flaw before the customer. There is no place for flaws in Bentley’s history! The finest wood, steel and leather existing (or used to exist) in the market is used for the whole range of vehicles, making them unique works of art. Apart from the visible merits of the Continental GT, there are also “invisible” ones, like the force that gives life to this 2.5 ton powerful body: a W12 engine from Wolfsburg’s collection (recently a version of it won the “Le Mans” race). The only common feature with the company’s flagship is the cylinders’ number (12) and the capacity (6 litres), which, along with twin turbochargers, give out 575 hp at 6,000 rpm. Only to be completed by a ZF 6-speed automatic transmission with steering wheel mounted gearshift paddles. From on then onwards, it delivers performances close to the group’s other “child”, the Lamborghini, rather than the Phaeton. Regardless of driving in the city or on the motorway, just a soft touch on the accelerator pedal is enough for the torque to surface, pushing the passengers back on their anatomically designed leather seats. Meanwhile, the “racing” sound coming from the under-bonnet space resembles a gentle summer breeze that sweeps through your hair in the middle of the sea. Equipped with 575 hp power, the GT manages, just like a Ferrari or a Lambo, to reach 0-100 km/h in 4.6’’ while its top speed is over 315 km/h. The only difference being that the Bentley doesn’t save up weight thanks to its wood and leather as well as its numerous electrical motors needed to operate such functions as the seat massage . As far as entertainment of the passengers is concerned, it would be a serious omission not to mention the advanced GPS and DVD system with the 8΄΄ touch screen, ideal to locate the house you are looking for aided by Google, while the eleven Naim audio speakers (GT advanced edition) make you believe that this time, you finally found tickets for the Bayreuth Festival! Of course, in the centre of the dash there is always the analog Breitling clock!


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