The Hellenic Golf Championship Match Play Winner, Constantina Koumbaki talks to Golf & Leisure Magazine about the fascination of golf.

Her swing is simply amazing, as golf experts use to say. Constantina Koumbaki states that she is a rather anxious and impatient player, yet able to overcome prior move errors and to focus on target. Her athletic performance and winning track record, however, prove that Constantina has not become a golf player by chance and that she is certainly here to stay for many years to come.
“I started to play golf in a rather unorthodox way. One of my dad’s friends worked in Glyfada Golf Course and invited me and my brother to spend some of our free time picking up golf balls. Well, the whole environment was excellent and the work was real fun, so we loved it. Then, we met golf coach George Ginis who encouraged us to take the golf club and hit the ball. Though I have to admit that I was rather reluctant if not negative to this option, the next day after my first throw, I spent three hours practicing in the course” says 16-year old Constantina who made golf a part of her daily life in these last five years.

Twice a Hellenic Golf Championship Match Play Winner, Constantina aims higher hoping to become a professional golfer. “I am interested in studying Golf Course Architecture and Golf Management so apart from my golf training, I spent most of my time doing my homework. My aim is to move abroad in order to study something relevant to my sport, while also being able to take part in golf tournaments” says Constantina while also underlining the fact that given the current circumstances in Greece and the failure to form a women golf team, it is pretty difficult for her to take part in tournaments outside of the country. “Unfortunately, this is an unfavorable timing to me, under the current circumstances in Greece. We are only three girls at my age, which does not allow us to form a women category, plus I do not have a coach. I owe everything I earned to my brother Vassilis, for he is the one who taught me all that I know. I am aware that under these circumstances, it is almost impossible to progress but I won’t give up. I constantly strive for improvement in both my score and self-discipline and focus in order to be well prepared for my participation in foreign tournaments when I will move abroad for my studies”, stressed Constantina Koumpaki who also confessed to us that despite the many times she says to her mother that she is willing to quit golf, she always returns to the course for she simply cannot help it. “Golf is like a gift to me. It came into my life in order to teach me how to focus and stay calm in every aspect of my life, so I cannot help losing it” added Constantina who replied to our question on “Why play golf anyway?” by simply saying “Because you will love it!” reminding us how it is to stand up for what you love.

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