The first grass course being built in Cyprus, was completed in April 1994. Located just 20 minutes from Paphos town, on an elevated position of 550 metres above sea level, ensures cool breezes during the summer months.

MINTHIS HILLS is the oldest golf course in Cyprus. How has those years been?

Minthis Hills, that at the beginning of its operation in 1994 was called Tsada Golf Club, was indeed the first golf course in Cyprus. We had a lovely 18 years of operation especially the first years that the tourism was at its peak time. Although it was a great challenge for us because golf was new to the island and we have faced the expected difficulties, I would confidently say that I enjoyed the journey.

What are the prospects for golf in Cyprus?

I would say Cyprus has a great prospect not only for golf but in general for tourism and in other aspects of economic growth. We have now four fully operating golf courses on the island with more coming on their way, so in the near future Cyprus will become a golfers’ paradise, especially with the latest developments that are underway.

What challenges face Cyprus as an emerging golf destination, compared with more developed regions such as Spain, Portugal and Turkey?

Even though the competition among Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and Turkey is great, due to lower costs in visiting those countries I am very positive, for the reasons I have explained before, that Cyprus is slowly but steadily able to compete equally with these countries. Yes, they have managed to create a complete golf product and as you said they are more developed regions, however Cyprus as a smaller island has a lot of potential to become a great golf destination.

How important are other golf developments in Cyprus to MINTHIS HIILS ongoing success?

I always believed that in order for Cyprus to move forward with regards to golf, we need more golf developments and we have to work together as a team so as we are able to convince more and more golfers to visit Cyprus. For this reason we need a complete golf product meaning more golf developments on the island!

From what markets do you expect to attract most visitors?

Our main markets are the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, Holland, most specifically north and central Europe.

What’s MINTHIS HILLS outlook for the golf travel market for 2012?

For 2012 I expect an increase for our golf visitors as we have now a complete product to offer to the golfers that visit us.

What has been the feedback from golfers visiting MINTHIS HILLS for the first time?

I can tell you that especially now that we have completed the renovation of the golf course and our new club house is operating, everybody is very impressed and happy being here. Everybody has positive words to say about Minthis Hills and I am very content about this, because we have all worked very hard to get this positive outcome.

What about the golf travel market as a whole – will it continue to grow?

I believe, especially for Cyprus, yes, it will continue to grow because we haven’t yet reached our limit. We still have a bright future ahead of us!

Cyprus is a ‘Golf Heaven’ in the making. What must be the future plan?

For Cyprus to be a Golf Heaven we need team work. If all parties involved with golf and tourism in general (including the private sector as well as the government) work together as a team then we will be able to finally call Cyprus a Golf Heaven!

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