George Skouras was born in Argos, one of the oldest towns of Europe with a 3,000 years long tradition of wine and culture. In 1980, George went to study Agriculture at the University of Dijon, in Burgundy, France. However, his acquaintance with the Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs of the region, as well as the famous local wine growers, put a spell on him. A long-held vision, the creation of Domaine Skouras materialized in 1986. Initially, the small wine-making facility was in Pyrgela, a small village on the outskirts of Argos. The story of Domaine Skouras started in 1986, with an emblematic wine, Megas Oenos, which became synonymous with George Skouras. Back then, Megas Oenos was a pioneering blend of Agiorgitiko and Cabernet Sauvignon. Today, Megas Oenos is one of the wines with a consistent presence in the world of European wine, with a proven ageing ability, rivalled only by very few Greek wines. The next logical step was the creation of a boutique winery in the Nemea Appellation area.

There, the countless hours of manual work on an extremely small scale became an invaluable study on the Agiorgitiko variety and the Nemea denomination. The establishment of the final winery in Malandreni, also in the Nemea Appellation, took place in 2004. The new infrastructure increased capacity and technical capabilities, but not for creating more technical wines. The winery is situated within the Nemea zone, the largest and possibly the most exciting Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for red wines in Greece. Mantinia, another important PDO region for white wines, is in close proximity, while the surrounding areas have excellent terroirs, although not of PDO status. Across all of these locations, Domaine Skouras owns a number of very interesting vineyards. The impressive one-thousand-barrel cellar has a constant temperature of +14°C and 70% humidity, where our wines are aged under ideal conditions. The high quality of our wines is ensured by time, patience, experience and multiple tasting trials. At Domaine Skouras, we regularly organize Wine Tastings and Winery Tours where you have the opportunity to visit the Winery and our Vineyards, but also relax while sipping our wines in our new Wine lounge bar.

Argous – Sternas Rd (10th Km), Malandreni, Argos 212 00, Greece
Τ: +030 27510-23688, F:27510-23159
[email protected]

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