This year Poseidonion will be opening its doors to welcome guests for the 100th time… just like that first sunny summer day in 1914.

Courtesy, elegance, ease, style, sophistication, design, atmosphere, heritage, dedication and hospitality, are just some of the words that convey and reveal the values that shape the iconic Poseidonion; the essence that bears and establishes its unique character; the spirit which is inextricably linked with its substance and its presence in history; the possibilities that are embedded in its maturing and its future evolution. Undoubtedly, Poseidonion is part of the modern history of Spetses; a pivotal reference for the island’s social life for the past 100 years; a synonym of luxury that draws on elegance in even the smallest detail; a loyal patron of culture and all activities that aim to support the island; a unique family of outstanding individuals whose spirit embraced hospitality and turned it into an integral part of the island’s core values; an imposing architectural edifice that played a key role in the evolution of the historically charged naval traditional of the island; an idea that became a landmark proudly included among Greece’s important monuments. Poseidonion set out, more than 100 years ago, as a vision of the great benefactor of Spetses, Sotirios Anargyros. In a hardship-stroken Greece,Panagiotis Zizilas undertook the design of the building and created a new landmark along the lines ofaristocratic hotels in Cote d’Azur and Italy; an architectural masterpiece – unique in Greece – even by comparison to the exclusive Aktaeon Hotel in Paleo Faliro. It is precisely due to the impressive presence of Poseidonion that the historical island of Spetses became a destination point for sophisticated travelers and the bourgeoisie of the time. Kings, aristocrats, wealthy businessmen and political leaders became regular guests at Poseidonion, and Spetses soon became the “it” spot for cosmopolitan life in Greece – something that still holds true today.

In 2009 Spetses Initiative S.A undertook the ambitious task of reopening Poseidonion bringing the hotel to the epicentre of all local interest activities and initiatives. Since then, Poseidonion positions itself at the forefront of sporting events, art exhibitions, business initiatives and cultural events that focus on Spetses and by extension, on Greece. The hotel supports the immediate realization as well as the long-term initiation of all activities that can enhance the island’s reputation and increase visitor inflow both from the local and international markets.  They promote all initiatives associated with the improvement and growth of the island, encouraging activities that are genuinely aligned with this aim and in harmony with the unique character and the traditional heritage of Spetses. 2014 is not only a landmark year for Poseidonion, but also for Greek tourism as a whole. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Foreign Visitors Office by Eleftherios Venizelos. It is a happy coincidence, developed on a parallel path that provides a reason to embark on a double celebration of Greek hospitality; a celebration that is based on the fact that both institutions, 100 years ago, set the foundations and took the first steps to develop, support and promote Greek tourism, at a time when Europe was on the brink of World War I and Greece was still trying to recover after the Greco-Turkish war of 1897. It is not surprising that Eleftherios Venizelos and Sotirios Anargyros were personal friends. Two visionaries to whom we owe quite a lot regarding the promotion of Greek hospitality locally and internationally. Today, we find Poseidonion on the threshold of the next 100 years, cherishing the past and consciously envisioning the future, determined to honor the great responsibility of excellence towards its guests, aiming to continue setting even higher standards. Spetses Initiative S.A., which accomplished the demanding and for some impossible task of the revival of Poseidonion, is driven by the spirit of people who embrace and respect the vision of its founder; people who are committed to safeguarding its heritage and its values; people who remain loyal to the initial ideals but at the same time remain alert to contemporary developments. Whatever happens in Poseidonion is the outcome of personal involvement, team effort and inspiration that derives from the magnificence of the landmark and the generosity at the heart of its philosophy that form the basis for the imaginative and original creations that underpin its evolution. These are the “tools” for the birth of new ideas that take the hotel a step further. An appetite and passion for creativity, attention to detail, respect for values, fresh ideas, while maintaining tradition, welcoming growth and remaining true to the essence of hospitality is what Poseidonion plans for the next 100 years. Thus, the people of Spetses, people from other parts of Greece and its international guests from all over the world will continue to hold Poseidonion in a special place in their hearts until they meet again…and then …once more.

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