He is a 16-year- old and is one of the fine future players of the Greek golf. We met Vasilis Koubakis at the Glyfada Golf Course and we talked about his future plans.

When was your first golf experience? Three and a half years ago my father had a meeting in Glyfada Golf Course and I told him how I want to play golf. Mr. George Ginis saw me and told me to make a try and I decide to try it out. I was thrilled and wanted to play golf every day.

Does golf means something special for you golf? For me golf is a way of life as well as for any golfer. None of us could live without it. Therefore I can say that is something special in my life and I’m sure that my whole life will be one of the most important things.

Would you like any other sports? I was played football but after a serious health problem I stopped and I devoted myself only in golf.

How many hours devote for training? What kind of training do? It depends on the tournaments schedule that I have in the near future and configure the hours of training and the type of. Before every important tournament adding extra hours for training and do much workout in the short game because that’s what will give the good score. Any other day regardless of the races, I hit several balls go to the driving range.

What about your coach? My coach is Thanasis Karatzias who has helped me immensely and I thank him a lot because his support is valuable as it helps me not only during the game.

Do you have any weakness in your game where you work during your training? I have a problem with the driver and I try to contol with lots of effort. Another point which is not fixed in my game is the putt, but it is due and the non-training facilities.

What are your future plans? I’m thinking to study golf management but at the same time I want to participate in golf tournaments to get experience. Dreaming like as any teenage to get to the higher level in golf and stay there.

Do you have any other particular player who inspiring you? My favorite player is Rory McIlroy whom I have as idol as it was the first great player I saw up close. Of course it is impossible to draw from this list Tiger Woods since he is the man who has brought a lot to the world of golf and is by far the best player of all time. I really like also Adam Scott.

What is your favorite golf course? I have a lot of courses but I played in the «Greenbrier Old White Course». My favorite one, because their they have played the best players of the world. Your best game until now? The best round of my short career was in Germany, that I managed to get 70 in the third round in the European Young Masters last summer as I had 16 green in regulations and had amazing long game.

A memorable moment? When I spoke personally with sir Nick Faldo for two minutes before Rory Mcilroy coming out for golf clinic. You were recently participate in the final of the FALDO SERIES. It was memorable experience because it was first time I went in the USA. I liked very much the tournament. I think it was brilliant in all levels. The interior was full of photographs from all players who have passed through the golf course and was an amazing feeling.

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